Partners of the Imperial Foundation for Cancer Research

St. Petersburg Children’s Hospice

The Children’s Hospice has been in operation in St. Petersburg since 2003 and is the only institution in Russia that provides full in-patient and out-patient pediatric palliative care for a wide range of terminal and life-threatening illnesses.

The partnership between the State Autonomous Healthcare Institution “(Children’s) Hospice,” the non-profit Medical Institution “Children’s Hospice,” and the charitable foundation “Children’s Hospice” serves as a model of cooperation between private and governmental agencies working together in the best interests of children with life-threatening illnesses, and their families. More than 400 patients each year receive free services from doctors, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.

The experience and expertise of the medical professionals at the Children’s Hospice has served as the foundation for the creation of hospices all across the Russian Federation.

Our website: http://kidshospice.ru

The Raisa Gorbacheva Memorial Research Clinic for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, and Transplantation
The Clinic diagnoses and treats patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other hematological cancers, as well as several inherited diseases. The Clinic administers chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (bone marrow transplantation) and specializes in treating childhood leukemia. The Clinic is located at 12 Rentgen Street, on the campus of the Pavlov First St. Petersburg Medical University.

The Clinic was created in 2002 and the in-patient facility was opened in 2007. More than 770 medical professionals work at the Clinic, which has 72 beds (as of September 2012). The Clinic maintains a stem cell and bone marrow registry.

Our webside: http://spgf.narod.ru/hospital_proj.htm

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Company “21st Century”

A non-profit partnership for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medications and medical equipment, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Project “21st Century” was formed in St. Petersburg in 2011 as an umbrella organization for a cluster of companies which helps to attract investment for the development of the organization and for the projects its members undertake. Among the founders and members of the partnership are some of the fastest growing companies in the field, including Biocad, Polisan, Gerofarm, Vertex, Electron, the Medical Treatment and Diagnostic Center/International Institute of Biological Systems (MLDTs MIBS), and others.
Our partnership serves as the principal coordinator for the medical and pharmaceutical companies that are members of the cluster. The partnership brings together manufacturers and teaching and research institutions that provide a range of services in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The partnership plays a direct role in the formation of strategies to help expand the work of the cluster, in the designing and adopting of feasibility studies, and in regional projects to help attract budgetary and non-budgetary investments.

Our cluster approach permits the fullest possible expansion of the potential of St. Petersburg as a place for the development, manufacture, and innovative use of new medical practices and treatments, exploiting the city’s existing medical and technical infrastructure, its pool of highly qualified medical professionals, and the range of ongoing research projects already underway. Moreover, the creation of our cluster of companies in St. Petersburg naturally reflects and exploits the general direction of economic and social development of Russia in this field.

St. Petersburg itself possesses many of the key dynamic features reflected in the companies that form our cluster: especially its world-class educational and research opportunities. The cluster includes 30 research teaching institutions. The number of people working in research and teaching exceeds 43,100, including approximately 5,200 physicians, 1,000 professors, and 200 members (or corresponding members) of various research Russian Academies.

Presently, the cluster includes 145 companies: including 109 manufacturers (of which 22 are pharmaceutical manufacturers, and 87 medical equipment manufacturers), and 6 medical service providers.
The non-profit Partnership Medical and Pharmaceutical Projects “21st Century” (St. Petersburg), along with the non-profit Partnership “Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster,” “Biopharmaceutical Cluster Severnyi” (Moscow Region), and the “Association of Innovative Regions of Russia,” together have formed the “Union of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Clusters of Russia.” The Union unites the efforts of research organizations and leading pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers in Russia.
The main goal in creating the Union has been to consolidate the work being done in different regional centers—work that is making important advances in the Russian pharmaceutical and medical field, so that new and innovative pharmaceutical products can become available on the Russian and international markets.

Among the most important goals of the Union is to promote legislative initiatives that support Russian manufacturers (including pharmaceutical and medical companies that operate in Russia), that create conditions for the research and development of innovative treatments and medical technology that meet international standards, and that facilitate access to innovative medical products on the marketplace.
Our website: http://www.21mpp.ru/