Address of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Imperial Foundation for Cancer Research, His Imperial Highness the Heir, Tsesarevich, and Grand Duke George of Russia

  Dear friends and fellow countrymen,
Good health is important not only to each individual, but to the entire society in which he lives, works, and raises his family.

There are many people today in Russia who suffer from serious illnesses. They need a range of services to help them during this trying time, including effective medical care, social support services, and spiritual consolation. The sick and suffering often do not have the energy, time, or where with alto find the best specialists, the most modern medical facilities, and the necessary medication sat a reasonable price.

With all my whole heart and with all the depth of feeling within me, I am gravely concerned about the current state of healthcare in Russia. And so, with the goal of lending real support to the advancement of the medical arts in Russia, I founded in 2013 the Russian Imperial Foundation for Cancer Research. The field of Russian medicine can be justifiably proud of its scientists and achievements. I would like to see our oncology clinics and departments attracting the best specialists; to see our doctors not only learning from the experience of colleagues in other countries, but also presenting their own unique discoveries and sharing with their colleagues abroad their experiences and joy in healing seriously ill patients; and to see our specialists standing on the threshold of discoveries in oncology made possible by financial support for their scientific work.

I believe that the Foundation’s activities should be directed at helping young scientists—the future “stars” of our nation’s medical profession—and supporting international conferences and symposia where their advances in oncological research and treatment in Russia can be shared. To the best of my strength hand abilities, I will try to advance the development of research and promote the creation of accessible and effective medical care for all cancer patients in Russia.

For those facing serious illnesses, it is important to know that they are not fighting this battle alone, and that help will come when needed. This requires the coordinated efforts of many people, organizations, and public institutions, as well as the traditional Russian values of empathy and compassion for one’s neighbor. We have set for ourselves the goal of coordinating the efforts of all who are ready to help: staff, volunteers, donors, government officials, and clergy; and we also seek to en courage young people—especially volunteers, who have chosen for themselves challenging careers in social work—to take up this goal by helping right where they are: on the ground, where the need is most vital.

I urge you to support our efforts and help the programs supported by the Foundation.

Dear friends, any help and assistance you can offer to our work will be accepted with enormous gratitude and appreciation. I hope that our efforts will bring relief to those suffering from oncologic diseases, bring hope of new discoveries and achievements in Russian medicine, and result in better health, and more warmth and compassion, in Russian society at large.

H.I.H. The Grand Duke George of Russia